Video: Basic Systema Groundwork

This week at NC SYSTEMA, we roll back into the ever-popular theme of Groundwork. Groundfighting is an enormous (and enormously enjoyable) field of study. Skill in groundfighting can level the playing field between opponents of different sizes, and groundfights are often subject to abrupt reversals of fortune, in which the apparent loser can suddenly flip, submit, and smash a seemingly dominant opponent. Little wonder, then, that BJJ, MMA and other sports incorporating groundwork have become so popular in recent years.

Here, we look at three basic tactics for escaping the dangerous "mounted" position. Naturally, *none* of these tactics are failsafe, and a skilled groundfighter will be far less likely to succumb to them. (One of many reasons why you shouldn't pick fights with pro-Jujitsu/MMA fighters). But when it comes to surviving physical assault, a little knowledge can go a long, long way. Knowing the basics of escape could literally save your life. Sign up for a class today: