Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 08:

This week, I'm joined once again by health, nutrition, and lifestyle guru Howard Jacobson, for an extended discussion on the Systema health practice of cold water dousing.

Have no idea what that is? No problem. We cover what dousing is, how to do it, correctly and why you should start doing it today. Also features comparisons and contrasts between the Russian dousing methdology and the cold exposure practices of the Wim Hof Method.

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Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 07: Joe Mayberry

"Nowadays, especially with all the eyes on the police, they don't need to be getting emotional. They need to just be professional."

Interview with police Detective, Systema Instructor, and author of The Bodyguard Enchiridion, Joe Mayberry.

Joe has particular authority to speak on the value of Systema in real life-or-death encounters. He is a former US Marine, a former bodyguard with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and is currently lead homicide detective with the St Louis Police Department. He is also Founder and Chief Instructor of Systema Vasiliev St Louis, where he teaches weekly classes and self-protection seminars.

I caught up with Joe in August at Systema HQ's Parameters of Power seminar in Toronto. Here, we talk about his path into training, Systema as an operating system, and its critical worth for law enforcement and security professionals.

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The Bodyguard Enchiridion is available on Amazon Books and Kindle Books, here.

Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 06: Gene Smithson (Part II)

"As it turns out, we can pretty much construct our lives any way we want to, if we have the courage to step out of the groove a little bit...not even a lot."

Part II of our interview with Texas-based Systema Instructor and author, Gene Smithson.

Gene has been training martial arts - including Systema, Tai Chi, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - for most of his adult life, and is a certfied Systema Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev. He teaches adult and youth groups at Austin Systema and Tai Chi Chuan, and is the author of Shot: Healing Hurt, and Simple, Not Easy: 30 Days to a More Deliberate Life.

Gene has a unique story, in that he used Systema to recover from the trauma - both physical and psychological - of a near-fatal shooting incident, and has come back stronger and happier than ever before. In this second part of the interview, Gene talks about why he started writing, how he trains himself, and the perils of arrogance and pride.

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