Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 34: Pete Rogers

"There can be barriers with people when they're learning this...because they have to walk through doors they really don't want to go through. And in order to *fit* through those doors, they have to leave that backpack of junk behind."

A fascinating, wide-ranging conversation with 20-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces - and founder of Systema Kingston (Ontario) - Pete Rogers.

Pete has been training at Systema HQ Toronto for more than a decade. But in addition to this, he has trained extensively in karate, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, and continues to train BJJ and military combative styles.

Here, we cover perceptions of "reality" in martial arts; breaking the pride barrier; and how he uses Systema in his post-military life to work with dogs, horses, combat veterans and PTSD sufferers.

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Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 33: Sergey Makarenko

"You have all the answers you need already. And that's the value of what we call 'Systema' - it's not knowledge that is injected into belonged to you from the's your birthright."

Anyone who has ever met him will attest: Sergey is a force of nature. A mountainous man with legendary, Samson-esque strength, you might assume he has little need of subtle fighting skills. Yes his skills are as immense as his stature. Sergey is a veteran martial artist - well versed in competitive wrestling, judo, karate, sambo, and other combat arts - and is a powerful practitioner and Instructor of Systema.

He is a highly eloquent and astute observer of martial arts practice, and of what sets Systema apart in this regard.

In this deep and wide-ranging conversation, we discuss the differences and parallels between the most popular martial arts; the primacy of continuous change and development (versus copying and mimicking); the advantages and *dis*advantages of being bigger and stronger than most; and his Systema-mediated recovery from a debilitating spinal infection that threatened his very life. 

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Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 32: On Communication

" Either you control the messages that you're sending out, or you just send random messages...and that  creates effects in the conversation, the interaction, or the conlfict that you didn't intend."

Glenn Murphy is once again joined by NC SYSTEMA's resident health and wellness guru Howard Jacobson, for a chat about all things relating Systema to human communication.

Including (but not limited to):

  • why facial expressions are unreliable signals of intent
  • how the feet and legs indicate attitude and engagement (in fights, and in conversations)
  • movements that indicate dominance, nervousness, and comfort
  • how we can become better receivers - and transmitters - in order to communicate more clearly

Mentioned in this episode:  

What Every Body Is Saying, by Joe Navarro

The Elephant in the Brain, by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson

Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss

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