What IS Systema?

How and where did it begin?

Systema is a Russian health, survival and self defense system derived from traditional Slavic practices dating back to the 10th century. The training methods of Systema were adapted and perfected in the 20th century, through decades of state-sponsored research in the former Soviet Union. The result was a complete health and survival system that combined traditional principles with modern science and physiology.

How do you learn the movements and techniques?

Systema students learn how to move freely with a powerful structure and minimal tension. Through a gradual process of building understanding and self-awareness, students work towards a natural state from which they can remain calm in any situation - no matter how stressful or threatening - and respond quickly and appropriately.

Will it help me to defend myself?

Absolutely. You will acquire practical, effective defensive ability within weeks, rather than years. Most are trainees are amazed at how quickly they progress. In addition, Systema is not only a powerful defensive art, it is also a complete health, wellness and survival system. The physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of training can be profound.

What is a typical Systema class like?

The training in Systema is diverse and exciting no two classes are ever the same. Every trainee works at his or her own pace, aiming to improve their own movement and quality of understanding over time. Classes typically begin with breathing, movement and conditioning drills unique to the Russian martial arts, to remove mental and physical tension and simultaneously build a strong, supple and resilient body. Then the class will progress with rolling, falling and ground work, and a variety of movement drills related to one or more central themes of practice.

Do you have special uniforms, belts and gradings?

No. There are no belts, uniforms or, formalities to follow. Nor are there tests or gradings. Everyone works to improve his or her own ability over time, and skill is naturally acquired with practice.

What about pads, gloves or other equipment?

All you need is a pair of loose, comfortable track pants or shorts to begin. Later, you may want to purchase an official t-shirt. But that's about it.

Do I need to be in shape before I can begin training?

Don't worry - we'll get you in shape. Systema training can be undertaken by practically anybody. All shapes, sizes and fitness levels are accepted. All that is required is a willingness to work hard, open up, and discover the strength, power and freedom that already resides within.

I'm a complete beginner to martial arts. Is that ok?

Absolutely. No previous experience with other martial arts is necessary. In fact, in can be helpful to come to Systema training with a "clean slate" (i.e. fewer preconceptions about fighting and training).

Do you accept martial artists from other styles?

Of course. For experienced martial artists, one very appealing aspect of Systema is that you don't have to start all over. There are no new belts to earn, and no new pecking orders to put up with. Instead, you bring your hard-earned skills with you, and find new ways to apply them using Systema as an alternative framework. And feel free to cross-train in other styles (i.e. BJJ, kickboxing) if you feel the need to. We really don't mind.

Do you offer trial classes?

We currently offer a full month of trial classes for $100 (less than $10 a class). We recommend you actually TRY Systema for the first time, rather than just watch. And since no two Systema classes are quite the same, it's better to try a few classes - and experience the full spectrum of what Systema has to offer - before deciding if it's for you.

How do I sign up?

Just drop in to any of our regular weekly classes in Durham or Apex (see the Schedules page for details), arriving 5-10 minutes early for a quick chat, and to sign the necessary waiver. You can begin your trial there and then.

How do I find out more?

For more information, feel free to e-mail us with your questions, or call us on 919-274-6922, leaving a message if necessary. We will get back to you ASAP with a detailed response.
 We look forward to training with you!




Introduction to Systema

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