What experts and customers are saying about NC Systema

Glenn creates an open community that empowers people to become stronger, healthier, and more in tune with their body.
— Rose Werth, Public Health Analyst, Chapel Hill
Professional instruction given in a comfortable friendly environment. always challenging with constant change of the material.
— Major Don Bledson, US Army (Retired), Wilmington
It’s a very welcoming atmosphere! Everyone’s there to help each other improve.
— Sara Saenz, Law Student, Durham
Being a part of NC Systema is like being a part of a family not just a martial arts school. After having trained in a variety of martial arts schools for the last 30 years, I have to say Glenn provides the most positive environment conducive to learning and growing that I have ever experienced in a martial arts school.
— Al de la Iglesia, US Army, Carrborro
Everything. Physical conditioning, mental and emotional strengthening, hanging out with amazing people - Systema’s basically my gym, therapist, and night out with friends in one.
— Eleanor Tobias, Researcher, Chapel Hill
I thoroughly enjoy the way the classes are set up and how much they help me in understanding and bettering myself. Going to class almost always helps me, no matter the kind of day I’m having.
— Hank Snouweart, Student, Chapel Hill
Everyone is so HUMBLE. And INCLUSIVE. And open and honest. I really liked the humanity and the caring that I felt when I was there.
— Marcia Walker, Chapel Hill
Great helpful people who always teaches and helps anyone at any skill level to learn and grow. This is a learning environment where everyone gets out learns at least one thing and sees there are areas in themselves that can always develop. There are not many places like this that grows of everyone all the time with things they can readily use every session.
— Nguyen Phan, Project Manager, Chapel Hill
Amazing instructors hold a safe space while teaching a group of amazingly respectful people. A great workout that teaches self-defense in a phenomenal setting.
— Erika Rothchild, Massage Therapist, Hillsborough

Introduction to Systema

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