SFL Episode 87: Lance Rewerts and Martin Wheeler

Lance Martin Glenn.jpg

A rare, double-whammy for the podcast this week, as we join Systema Iowa Instructor Lance Rewerts and Senior Systema Instructor Martin Wheeler. Recorded during the recent Against Tension seminar at Systema HQ Toronto, Lance and Martin share their insights from the weekend, and offer windows into the genius of our shared Instructor, Vladimir Vasiliev. Along the way, we cover:

  • Lance's path from Judo and Hapkido to Systema

  • Systema and Systems Engineering - robustness, efficiency, power

  • Power as a natural state of being and thinking

  • The primacy of studying fear, ego, and tension, vs cultivating ideas about movement

Necessarily concise - as we were about to race off and train for a second day with Vladimir - this was nonetheless a powerful, eye-opening discussion.

Find out more about training with Lance at iowasystema.com, and with Martin at http://wheelersystema.com

Martin Wheeler seminars mentioned in this episode:

4-day Masterclass Los Angeles on October 3-6 2019

4-day Masterclass North Carolina, October 10-13 2019

2-day Wheeler Strikes! seminar in Des Moines, IA, Nov 16-17 2019

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