SFL Episode 59: On Internal Power (with Gene Smithson)

A rare, frank, and wide-ranging discussion on the subject of internal power - a topic that creates a great deal of confusion, controversy, skepticism, and even ridicule in the global martial arts community.

Some seem to regard internal power as a mystical, magical force that only appears in white-bearded masters after decades of study. Others believe it to be an emergent property of perfect biomechanics, or simply do not believe in it at all.

Texas-based Systema Instructor Gene Smithson has studied and taught chigung, taiji, and other "internal" martial arts alongside Systema for many years, and is uniquely qualified to help us untangle and demystify the concept. Along the way, we cover:

  • the real meaning of chi, ki, or internal power

  • differing viewpoints on power

  • psychological and spritual aspects of power

  • the relationship between tension, power, and natural human behaviour

  • the physical prerequsities for the expression of internal power

 This may well be my favourite discussion to date.

Find out more about training with Gene at Austin Systema and Tai Chi Chuan, here: http://www.austinsystema.com/