SFL Episode 58: Adrienne Harvey

This week, a spirited conversation with Adrienne Harvey - Systema student, fitness guru, and master trainer in Russian kettlebells, hardstyle kettlebells, and progressive calisthenics for strength and conditioning. Adrienne has been a serious student of strength and conditioning for many years, has a hefty online following, and regularly writes articles on fitness, nutrition, and conditioning for DragonDoor.com. She counts among her friends and mentors such legends of strength and conditioning like Dan John, Jon Bruney, Al and Danny Kavadlo.

Here we talk about:

  • how she discovered Systema (with the formidable Alex Popescu in Florida)

  • how Systema can enhance the practice of kettlebells and calisthenics - and vice versa

  • the value of breathing and efficiency in conditioning

  • how balancing tension and relaxation is essential to mastery of any physical pursuit

Follow Adrienne online at giryagirl.com, and on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe3CJwiCAu4aOI-0fHT7loQ