Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 25: Bratzo Barrena

"Systema...starts without a cage. You don't have to lose the cage, because you are not *in* a are free. You just have to understand: what can you do when you are free?"



In-depth discussion with Systema Instructor and co-founder of Systema Peru / Ruso Combate Funcional – Perú Bratzo Barrena.

Bratzo has many years of experience in martial arts and combative training, and is the translator of many articles published by Russian Martial Art HQ in Spanish.

Here, he shares his insights into what makes Systema different, the difference between duelling and survival, the myth of invincibility, and the necessity of "acting your age" in combat!

Find out more about Systema Peru online, and read articles in English and Spanish, at

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