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Stress Proof Retreat @ Kanuga Lake, NC

Stress Proof Retreat
April 28 - May 1 2016


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Stress has been variously considered an illness to be treated, a product of the environment, or an unavoidable curse of the modern age.

We know that its impact on individuals, workplaces, and societies is immense. Stress contributes to depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. It undermines the intention to eat well and exercise. It leads to the progression of diseases ranging from hypertension to Alzheimer’s and cancer. Yet many of us feel powerless to stop it.

The NC Systema Resilience and Relaxation Retreat is unique opportunity to not only relax and unwind, but to understand and control your own, individual stress response.
Equally applicable to the stressors of work, relationships, and daily life, the retreat curriculum is based on the principles of Somatic Resilience Training, and decades of research in human physiology and neuroscience.

You will learn how to detect the early- onset indicators of an impending stress response; to break the cycle of nervous system activation that leads to anxiety and panic; to retrain your brain to ignore harmless stressors; and to raise your threshold of resilience, allowing you to function fully in high-stress situations.

Give us one long weekend, and we’ll show you how to reach all-new depths of relaxation, calmness, and internal control

Treat yourself to three days of deep, immersive study and relaxation at the Kanuga Lake Conference and Retreat Center, set on 1,400 acres in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. The facility features a large inn, two dining rooms, a lakeside pavilion, and 39 historic cottages, ranging in size from two to six bedrooms. No Wi-Fi. No cell signals. Just pure, uninterrupted tranquility.

Between the learning sessions will be meals, social gatherings, and ample time for enjoying the setting. Hike the forest trails, take a boat out on the lake, or spend a lazy hour on the deck.

The results of this training are immediate, profound and - with regular practice - permanent. These are skills for life. Skills for health. Skills you cannot afford to be without.

Event limited to 50 persons, so act now to avoid disappointment.


Double Rooms: $750 / person

Single Rooms: $850 / person


  • three-night stay with meals
  • 3-5 daily learning sessions
  • downloadable course materials full access to resort facilities

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