Personal Training

We offer two main options for private training with NC Systema:

Private 1-1 sessions, in which the Instructor works directly with the trainee on strength and skill development. Here, the Instructor can assess the trainee, and assign drills and training exercises appropriately. Specific training topics (i.e. grappling, striking, groundwork, weapon work) may also be requested in advance.

1-1 privates are priced at $125/hour. Click the links above to request a free 15-minute consultation (discovery call), or to schedule your first 60-minute appointment.

Private one-to-one or small group sessions offer an accelerated path to skill development. Here, instructors can provide more individualized attention and feedback,  helping existing trainees to eradicate weaknesses, learn specific skills, and build personalized conditioning routines for solo training. Private classes also offer an effective alternative for those unable to attend regular group classes, who are recovering from injury or illness, or simply prefer a more private setting.

Specific topics for private sessions may be requested ahead of time. Please feel free to choose from the list below, and e-mail your Instructor (ideally, at least 24 hours in advance) with your preferred topic. Alternatively, your Instructor can pick the topic for you, based on your apparent needs.


  • Fundamentals: posture

  • Fundamentals: movement

  • Fundamentals: breathwork

  • Exercise - strength and flexibility

  • Exercise - breathwork and mastery of tension

  • Exercise - solo exercise for agility / weight-loss

  • Massage

  • Injury treatment / recovery

  • Stress inoculation


  • Falling and rolling - fundamentals

  • Falling and rolling - advanced

  • Striking - fundamentals

  • Striking - static strikes and strike absorption

  • Striking - precision, distance, push-strike interaction

  • Striking - strikes on the move

  • Striking - advanced: deep strikes, directional strikes

  • Legwork - footwork and weaponizing the legs

  • Legwork - legs from the ground up

  • Ground fighting - fundamentals

  • Ground fighting - escapes

  • Ground fighting - controls

  • Ground Fighting - advanced: subtle movement

  • Wrestling - fundamentals

  • Wrestling - escapes

  • Wrestling - takedowns

  • Wrestling - lock flow and manipulations

  • Wrestling - dynamic joint breaks

  • Wrestling - advanced: subtle movement

  • Knife - fundamentals

  • Knife - unarmed vs stabs/static

  • Knife - TDs and strikes vs dynamic slashes

  • Knife - offensive draws and deployment

  • Knife - advanced: knife vs knife

  • Stick - fundamentals

  • Stick - unarmed vs thrusts

  • Stick - unarmed vs swings

  • Stick - absorption, massage

  • Stick - translating to strikes, grabs

  • Stick - advanced: offensive stick work

  • Firearms - close-range defense and disarms

  • Firearms - armed movement and tactics

  • Firearms - advanced: gunpoint supremacy (requires own AirSoft pistol)

  • Confined spaces- cars, walls

  • Fighting in the water (seasonal, or requires own pool access)

  • Spets shovel and knife throwing

  • Improvised weapons