SFL Episode 80: On Training to Fight, with Martin Wheeler

This episode, we catch up with world-renowned martial artist, Senior Systema Instructor, and founder of The Academy, Los Angeles - Martin Wheeler. Recorded shortly after the East Coast Systema Summit 2019, we discuss his groudbreaking lessons and demonstrations at the Summit, and reveal some of the thinking behind his training and teaching methods. Including:

  • the inherent value of orthodox (or 'classical') fighting wisdom

  • training for a fight, versus training for its own sake

  • the dangers of arrogance, hubris, and certainty of knoweldge in martial arts

  • accelerating your development by combining somatic anc cognitive feedback

For those wishing to experience these groundbreaking methods in person, you may still be able to grab a place on one of Martin's 4-day USA Masterclasses. Each event feature over 20 hours of training over four consecutive days, and incorporate everything from softwork and blindfold work to full-speed grappling and knife attacks.

His West Coast Masterclass will take place at The Academy, Los Angeles from Oct 6-9 2019. To Sign Up, visit http://wheelersystema.com/event/los-angeles-masterclass/

His East Coast Masterclass will take place at NC Systema, Durham NC from Oct 10-13 2019. Strictly limited to 35 persons (latecomers will be wait-listed, but not guaranteed entry). For more information, visit http://www.ncsystema.com/events/4daymasterclass, or click the button below to sign up online.

SFL Episode 79: Ivan Butsan

This episode, a frank and heartfelt discussion on the practice and benefits of Systema with Ivan Butsan - longtime student of Vladimir Vasiliev and an Instructor at Russian Martial Art HQ, Toronto. Few who have trained with Ivan at HQ will forget the experience. He is at once a powerhouse of structure, a skilled opponent, and for those who are open to his insights, a generous teacher and training partner.
He is also the author and presenter of a popular Systema Blog, detailing lessons and principles he has learned at HQ.

Here, we talk at length about:

  • his first impressions of Systema

  • how and why he started his Systema Blog

  • the relationship between physical and psychological practice (including "energy work")

  • why it's important to tailor your Systema (for proper fit)

  • why he hates the phrases "stay loose" and "self defense"!

 Check out Ivan's YouTube Channel here, and visit the accompanying Systema Blog at www.systemablog.com

SFL Episode 78: Vincent Hurner

A fascinating discussion with Vincent Hurner of Subrosa Systema, Geneva.

A trained economist, criminologist, martial artist, and therapeutic hypnotist - it's fair to say that Vincent is a true polymath in the field of human behaviour. As such, his views and insights on Systema are highly informed, and uniquely interesting.

Here, we touch upon:

  • his ongoing wonder at the depth of Systema

  • how Systema, bodywork, and hypnosis can overlap is useful ways

  • creating the conditions for self-understanding and self-healing

  • the interplay between emotions, intuitions, and trauma

Visit Subrosa Systema (Switzerland) at www.subrosa-systema.com.
Find out more about Vincent's therapeutic work at www.hypn-ose.com.