SFL Episode 84: Menamy Mitanes

This week, we go full martial, with an uncompromising discussion with Menamy “The Tsunami” Mitanes of Systema Los Angeles

Menamy is fascinating, pint-sized powerhouse of a martial artist, with a pedigree that includes Judo, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Systema, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He now trains and teaches Systema under Martin Wheeler, and BJJ under the mighty Rigan Machado. Humble as he is, what Menamy doesn't know about fighting arts probably isn't worth knowing. Here, we delve deep into his experiences and opinions on martial arts - including (but not limited to):

- training JKD under the direct students of Bruce Lee
- training BJJ under Rickson Gracie and Rigan Machado
- discovering Systema with Martin Wheeler
- the practical differences between traditional and modern fighting arts
- what Systema offers that other styles rarely do

Find out more about training with Menamy at www.systemalosangeles.com, and find him at The Academy at www.theacademybeverlyhills.com/

SFL Episode 83: Sarah Allain

This week, Glenn chats with Vermont-based Systema practioner and child-adolescent behavioural analyst Sarah Allain. 

Sarah began training around 6 years ago, introduced by a friend extolling the benefits for health and stress management. In that time, she has learned to use Systema to manage chronic pain and illness, and found joy and community in the practice. She comes to training with a slightly different tack, and sees fascinating parallels between our methodology and her work with kids and adolescents. Topics include:

  • her experiences as a beginner in Systema

  • breaking the discomfort barrier

  • embracing the concept of antifragility

  • Systema as applied to self-regulation and co-regulation in kids

 For those interested in joinging Sarah's informal training group in VT - please contact us offline and we'll pass on your details.

SFL Episode 82: Mike Turk

This week, a spirited discussion with Mike Turk - Systema Instructor, Head of Training, and Co-Founder of the Kampfkunst Akademie (KKA) located in Krems, Austria. Mike has a varied background in martial arts, ranging from karate and kickboxing to Systema, BJJ, and military close combat.  He leads regular classes in both Systema and Crossfighting (mixed martial arts), and oversees a kids' program based on Systema principles. Here, we talk about:

  • his journey into martial arts

  • what defines and distinguishes Systema as a martial art

  • breaking free of dogma and restrictive ideas

  • explaining and marketing Systema to kids and parents

Find out more about training with Mike at https://www.kampfkunst-akademie.at/

For the first time in Europe, the KKA is hosting Systema Instructor Menamy Mitanes (The Academy, Beverly Hills) Nov 30 & Dec 01. Tcikets limited to 30 persons. Sign up via their website of Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kampfkunstA) after May 31.