SFL Episode 89: On Healing

This episode, another health-focused chat with Howard Jacobson - Systema aficionado, podcaster, and co-founder of WellstartHealth.com.

Here, we go deep on the subject of healing, including:

  • Western pathology-based medicine vs traditional paradigms of healing

  • Psychoimmunlogy and the Placebo Effect

  • Systema health practices in relation to Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and other modalities

  • Cultivating pliability, vitality, and antifragility in the body

  • using Systema to inlfuence the mind through the body

Mentioned in this epsiode:
PlantYourself episode with Dr Wayne Jonas

Let Every Breath by Vladimir Vasiliev
Systema Healing by Matt Hill
Breath Work: 30 Breathing Exercises by Gene Smithson