SFL Episode 88: Emmanuel Manolakakis


This week, more deep insights on the Against Tension seminar, hosted by Systema HQ Toronto in August 2019.
Your guest commentator? Your guest commentator? None other than Senior Systema Instructor - and Founder of Fight Club Toronto - Emmanuel Manolakakis.  

A veteran Instructor and direct student of Vladimir Vasiliev for over 25 years, Emmanuel always presents a fresh and fascinating perspective on Systema training. In this interview, we talk about:

  • His overall impressions of the seminar

  • The importance of looking at things with fresh eyes, and a beginner's mind

  • How fine details (if you can see them) make the difference between competence and mastery

  • The difference between functional relaxation (or "relaxing forward") and physical/psychological collapse

Much to chew on, here. Many thanks to Manny for taking the time to share his insights.

Find out more about training with Manny - and follow his Fight Pod podcast - at http://www.fight-club.ca/

Emmanuel Manolakis will be coming to NC SYSTEMA (Durham, NC) the weekend of January 25-26 2019, for part II of his Systema Explorations seminar series. This year's theme is progressing from Preparation and Play to Control. If you missed last year's seminar - no worries - attending Part I is not required in order to attend Part II. This is a stand-alone event, and there will be a recap of last year's themes and concepts. So whatever you do, don't miss this one! To find out more or register online, click the button below.