SFL Episode 84: Menamy Mitanes

This week, we go full martial, with an uncompromising discussion with Menamy “The Tsunami” Mitanes of Systema Los Angeles

Menamy is fascinating, pint-sized powerhouse of a martial artist, with a pedigree that includes Judo, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Systema, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He now trains and teaches Systema under Martin Wheeler, and BJJ under the mighty Rigan Machado. Humble as he is, what Menamy doesn't know about fighting arts probably isn't worth knowing. Here, we delve deep into his experiences and opinions on martial arts - including (but not limited to):

- training JKD under the direct students of Bruce Lee
- training BJJ under Rickson Gracie and Rigan Machado
- discovering Systema with Martin Wheeler
- the practical differences between traditional and modern fighting arts
- what Systema offers that other styles rarely do

Find out more about training with Menamy at www.systemalosangeles.com, and find him at The Academy at www.theacademybeverlyhills.com/