Video: Striking Fundamentals

This week at NC SYSTEMA, we barrel headlong into Striking and Kicking. Love them or hate them, learning to deliver and receive strikes is an essential aspect of self-defense. As Ben Askren's abrupt, 5-second UFC defeat clearly showed - even world-class grapplers can be stopped outright with a single, precise, and well-timed strike. Here, Instructors Glenn Murphy and Raymond Desmarais show three key elements of strike training in Systema:

1) Start your preparation at the point of contact - unwrapped wrists and fists are easily broken

2) Pushing builds precision - if you can push effectively, then your strike will be heavy and precise
3) Use gravity to your advantage - proper body alignment and relaxation add weight to strikes while keeping them hidden to your opponent

With these three principles in mind, practically anyone can learn to hit like a truck. Intrigued? Come try a class today!