SFL Episode 76: Vladimir & Valerie Vasiliev

This week, a very special episode for Systema For Life, as I talk with the man responsible for bringing Systema to North America, and my own teacher - the inimitable Vladimir Vasiliev. Better yet, he is joined here by his wife, co-founder for Russian Martial Arts Headquarters (Toronto), and driving force of HQ operations, Valerie Vasiliev

Recorded after class, during a recent weeklong trip to Toronto, this extended interview offers invaluable advice from the head of our System, and insight into the people and principles behind it. Topics covered include:

- the changing face of Systema, over the last 25 years
- the increasing popularity and contribution of women to Systema practice worldwide
- the rationale behind the instructional books and videos
- Vladimir and Valerie's hopes for the future of Systema

With humble thanks to Vladimir and Valerie for making time for this interview, and to everyone who continues to support the Systema For Life podcast.

Find out more about training at RMA HQ Toronto at www.russianmartialart.com, and purchase books, DVDs, and downloadables - including the superb new book from HQ, EDGE: Secrets of the Russian Blade Masters - at https://systemavasiliev.com/store/