SFL Episode 74: Alberto Nacif

This week, a fascinating discussion with Michigan-based physician, musician, and Systema aficionado, Alberto Nacif.

As a doctor of family medicine leading several practices near Detroit, MI, Alberto is a renowned expert in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and mood regulation disorders. As an award-winning composer and musician, his bands have claimed the Detroit Music Awards for Best Jazz Recording and Best World Music Band three times so far. As a Systema instructor and practitioner, he sees the influence of Systema in all of it.

Here, we touch upon:

his take on what Systema is, and what it does to the body

how Systema has influenced his medical practice

how Systema relates to - and can help with - musical composition and performance

the transcendent, positive role of Systema in building character, community, and society

Alberto is a relentlessly positive and uplifting fellow, and a credit to the Systema community. I defy you to listen to this and not come away feeling more positive about your practice.

Read more on the Science of Systema by Alberto at RMA.com

Check out Alberto’s award-winning jazz combo, Aguanko (I highly recommend them) here.