SFL Episode 67: Mark Winkler

This week, a deep, frank, and heartfelt discussion with Mark Winkler - Systema Instructor, Karate expert (Mark holds 6th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate), and a veteran bouncer and bodyguard with over 36 years on the job. In that time, Mark has experienced more physical conflict that most people can imagine - including a broken bottle to the throat that required life-saving surgery. In short, you don’t make it this far without learning a thing or two.

A proud Welshman and a dedicated professional, here Mark shares his honest feelings on:

  • Systema-based insights (that he wished he’d had much earlier in life)

  • how Systema has changed his work, life, and relationships

  • why - in his opinion - Systema is the ultimate training method for bodyguards and security professionals

Find out more about training with Mark by contacting him directly at admin@spsp.online