SFL Episode 66: Best of the Podcast (2018)

This week, we celebrate the end of the year - and the first full year of the podcast - with a special "Best of" compilation, featuring clips from past interviews. Was tough to choose, since so many great instructors shared so many pearls of wisdom. But hopefully you'll find these clips interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

Featured here are:

  • Gene Smithson

  • Ryō Onishi

  • Edgars Cakuls

  • Funda Gul

  • Martin Wheeler

  • Vali Majd

  • Igor Ponizov

  • Emmanuel Manolokakis

If you missed any of the original episodes these clips were taken from, you can still access them all on iTunes, on our website, or any number of podcasting applications.

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Many thanks, and Happy New Year!