SFL Episode 69: On Change

Another extended discussion with health and wellness guru - and Systema aficianado - Howard Jacobson. This week, on the subject of change - both intentional and inevitable. Change is a tricky one. Much as we try to assert our good intentions on the world, life has an irritating way of moving, flipping, and shifting our priorities and goalposts. As has been said before: the only constant in life is change. In the face of this:

how can we learn to accept change in our lives?
how can we work to maintain healthy routines in the face of big change?
how can Systema help us anticipate, endure, and facilitate change?

Handy for martial artists and health nuts alike!  Your thoughts and comments always welcomed.

Find out more about Howard's healthy exploits at plantyourself.com and wellstarthealth.com.