SFL Episode 68: Scott McQueen

This week, an eye-opening interview with Scott McQueen of Systema Japan.

Orignally from Australia, Scott's first experience of Systema was straight in at the deep end - with a weeklong trip to Moscow, training under the legendary Mikhail Ryabko. This turned out to be the first of many such trips, and the beginning of a new phase in his martial and spiritual life. After 25 years in martial arts, and 12 years living and teaching in Japan and Singapore, he now teaches weekly classes in Tokyo, alongside Andy Cefai and Brett Adams. Here, we touch upon:

  • his intense experiences in Russia

  • the growth and popularity of Systema in Japan

  • the rationale behind differentiating ‘New School’ from ‘Old School’ Systema

  • the limitations of fitness training, versus training for health and survival

Find out more about training with Scott and Systema Japan at http://www.systemajapan.jp/

English-language info at http://www.systemajapan.jp/aboutsystemajapan/englishinfo