SFL Episode 49: Vali Majd

Deep discussion with veteran Systema Instructor and Founder of Roots Dojo / Systema School of Warrior Arts, Vali Majd.

Vali has been training Systema with Vladimir Vasiliev for almost as long as Vlad has been teaching - nearly 25 years. In addition to his security work and training first responder groups, he runs a full-time Systema school on remote Denman Island, British Columbia, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Here, we talk at length about his experiences in training Systema - from the early, brutal dayswith Vlad's orginal Toronto group, to the deep, focused training he explores today. Along the way, we cover:

  • the shared roots of martial arts, and the importance of training the basics
  • the importance of periodization, taking the longview in training
  • why he runs an epic 8-year cycle of instruction at his woodland paradise retreat
  • the role of spirituality in martial arts
  • how to ensure that you’re training for the reality of physical violence, while avoiding straying into fighting for pride, vanity, or pleasure

Find out more about training with Vali, and the 3-month internship program at Roots Dojo, here: http://rootsdojo.com/systema/

Referenced in this Episode: Vali's YouTube clip on Systema Attributes (click below)