SFL Episode 50: Funda Gul

This week, a thought-provoking conversation with New Jersey based yogi, dancer, traceur, and Systema Instructor, Funda Gul.

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Funda began her martial training in Aikido, and found Systema (in the form of Systema Manhattan instructor Edgars Cakuls) after moving to the USA for college in 2009. A PhD in mathetmatics, a talented movement artist, and an endlessly curious student and teacher of Systema, Funda brings a unique and fascinating perspective to our style.

Here, we discuss:

  • her early, counter-cultural experiences as a woman training martial arts in Turkey

  • similarities and disctinctions between Systema and improvisational dance forms

  • the essential qualities of touch, connection, and sensitivity in training

  • the origins of ParCon - her unique fusion of Parkour and Contact Improvisation

  • her experiences as a woman training and teaching Systema (both good and bad)

Find out more about training with Funda at https://www.jiyu.us/instructors-1/

Click below to see her working with Pasquale Antonio of Jersey City Systema. (Skip to 2:43 to get straight to the action).