SFL Episode 44: Tommy Floyd

"What is real life? My understanding of 'real life' is that it's the degree of tension you have within your body...What will change in a real situation if a guy grabbed (that kid) and threw him in a trunk? It's that his mind, his body, his internal state are going to be on a whole different level of processing."

Eye-opening interview with Tommy Floyd, owner and Chief Instructor at Systema Floyd, based in Palm Beach, Florida.

For more than a decade, Tommy has been teaching Systema to kids as young as 2 years old, and now has over 300 students attending regular classes and camps at his schools. He has recently garnered a lot of attention on social media, following coverage of his advanced level camps for kids - which included such hot-button topics as abduction escape and active-shooter survival

Here, we talk about what motivates his focus on teaching kids; how he strikes the necessary balance between "serious" and "exciting"; how working with kids has taught him much about the concept of training for 'real-life'; and his plans and ambitions for the future.

Visit Systema Floyd online at www.systemafloyd.com.