SFL Episode 43: Systema For Executives, with Bryan Johns

"You can find anybody who's managing a company, and it's the guys who run towards problems, the people who run towards discomfort. And not because they crave conflict. But because there's a problem that needs (to be) solved."

Musings, obersvations, and hard-earned lessons from business manager, investor, CEO and NC-based Systema practitioner Bryan Johns.

Here, Bryan offers his vision of Systema for Business Executives, and how martial arts training - and Systema in particular - has helped him progress from ne'er-do-well kid to USAF engineer to President of a global engineering company.  

   Why black belts and MBAs matter less than you think
  The power of fast, iterative problem solving
   The dangers of outsourcing responsibility, and the benefits of assuming it

  And Bryan's 3 cardinal rules of Systema and Life (TM)

 1) Practice the principles, and the techniques will take care of themselves
2) You don't have to go to every fight you're invited to

3) Where you're at (emotionally) matters

A long one, but a good one if you're interested in leveraging you training for all asepcts of life and work.

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