Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 42: Rob Poyton

"You have to find an internal point of support for your work. The floor is a very obvious point of support...but if you're on one foot, or your heel is lifted, you have to find a point of support within the body somewhere."

Fun and enlightening interview with Rob Poyton, Chief Instructor at Cutting Edge Systema, based in Bedford, UK.

Rob became highly proficient in T'ai Chi and other Chinese internal arts before finding Systema, and is the former Editor of Tai Chi & Alternative Health, and of Tai Chi International magazine. His articles on martial arts have been published in Combat, Martial Arts Illustrated, Men's Health, Maxim, and elsewhere.

Rob is also the presenter and producer of an extensive series of Systema training DVDs designed for solo and group use, and teaches Systema workshops and seminars throughout Europe.

Here, we discuss his path into Systema; commonalities and differences between Systema and other "internal" arts, the value of form (vs formlessness), principles of grounding and mobility, and discovering freedom within structure.

Find out more about training with Rob - and order his solo training DVDs online - at Tell him Glenn sent ya :)