Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 23: Q&A with Martin Wheeler

black panther.jpg

First part of an extended Q&A session with Systema Instructor and world-renowned martial artist Martin Wheeler - co-owner of The Academy, Los Angeles, and trainer to elite athletes, military groups, and movie stars alike. Regulars at Martin's studio include Wesley Snipes, Dan Inosanto, and Chadwick Boseman (Marvel's Black Panther).

Here, we discuss his approach to teaching, mindsets in training, and how taking the Top Gun approach of studying enemy tactics and manoeuvres is essential in preparing for a real fight.

Martin will be coming to NC SYSTEMA on Sep 22-23 2018 to teach a two-day seminar entitled Slip, Strike, Grapple, on the subject of distance, timing, and core fighting tactics. Sign up before April 1st and save $100 on the door price. Click here to register online.

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