Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 22: On Risk

Life is always an assumed risk. You have to say to yourself: "Which are the risks that I'm going to pay attention to, and which are the risks I'm going to try to mitigate? How much of this can I trust, and how much risk am I willing to assume?"

This week, Glenn is joined by healthy living guru Howard Jacobson for a discussion on the ever-present aspects of risk and discomfort in our daily lives, and how Systema training can help us contextualize the former, and live and learn from the latter.

Along the way, we cover the two systems of risk perception in the brain; the role of memory and experience in consdering risky decisions; how Systema helps mitigate the REAL threats we face in the world; and Glenn's lopsided sense of risk, apropos aeroplanes and motorcycles.  

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