Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 20: Jason Priest

"True relaxation has more to do with... a state of being in your body...where you have freedom."

Interview with Russian Martial Art HQ (Toronto) Instructor Jason Priest, recorded during the Pillars of Systema seminar he taught in Greenville, SC in November 2017.

Jason has trained under Vladimir Vasiliev for over a decade, and regularly teaches breathwork and weekend classes at Toronto HQ.

Here, we talk about his serendipitous path from Taekwondo to Systema; the characteristic (and deceptive) lack of aggression in Systema; the value of pacing yourself in training (and teaching); and how you can train solo - on a daily basis - to improve your life, health, and skill in Systema.

For a short clip of Jason in action, click here: Train with him and other superb instructors at Russian Martial Art HQ.

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