SFL Episode 64: On Happiness

This week, another in-depth dialogue with our resident health and wellness guru, Howard Jacobson of wellstarthealth.com, on the amorphous and contentious subject of happiness.

Here in the United States, the Constitution enshrines the right to 'Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness' for all - at least in principle. But is happiness something to be chased, and acheived? Or is it something to be realized, found, or understood? Does striving for happiness actually make us happier? If not, what's the alternative? And how can the practice Systema help us to figure this stuff out?

Not sure we came up with any concrete answers, here. But at the very least, we posed a few questions worth pondering. So enjoy.

Find out more about Howie's healthy online exploits at www.wellstarthealth.com.