SFL Episode 63: Roy Hatcher

Conversation with Charlotte-based Systema Instructor and bodyworker Roy Hatcher.

Roy began his martials arts career in the US Air Force, while stationed in Korea. Seeking a way to calm his fiery temperament, he studied traditional Korean sword styles - and later Aikido - for their peaceful, meditative aspects. Some years later, he was exposed to Systema through the formidable Martin Wheeler, and his concept of martial arts was forever altered.

Here, we discuss:

- how Systema helped him understand his aggression

- the origins of his considerable massage skill, and how it dovetailed with his Systema practice

- the value of developing touch, softwork, and working "with" your opponent

- cultivating a curious spirit, and a learning approach based on listening

Find out more about training with Roy at www.hatchersjustbreathe.com/ and check out his YouTube channel here