21-Day Movement Challenge, FINAL DAY

Congratulations! You made it to Day 21! Or perhaps you just clicked ahead and ate biscuits the last few days. Either way, if you fall off the wagon, there's no reason why you can't get right back on. Pick your favourite exercises, and build your own routine. Try that for the next week. If you get lazy, you can always start this all over again on the first of the month :)

Here's the final challenge - nothing too crazy, just a mindful focus on tension isolations. Done correctly and diligently, this is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do. It not only makes you stronger and more stable, physically. It also allows you to find efficiency in your movements, and removes excess tension from your frame. Try it at the beginning of each day (after a little breathwork), or any time you feel agitated at work. Does wonders over the long term. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking part in the 21-Day Movement Challenge. Hope it made a difference to your daily wellbeing. If so, please share your experiences / selfies on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ncsystema). If you're not already a regular memebr, and you've been inspired to come join a class, remember we offer free classes for new student the first week of every month. Click below for details, and to reserve your first free session. See you in training!