SFL Episode 46: Q&A with Emmanuel Manolokakis

"The most important thing in life is not just to know what your wants and needs are. The deeper picture, here, is meaning."

Extended Q&A with Senior Systema Instructor, and founder of FIght Club Toronto, Emmanuel Manolokakis. In this characteristically deep and broad discussion, Manny offers his insights into the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Systema, with concrete advice for instrcutors and practitioners on staying true to your path in life. Topics include:

- why meaning is more important than mindfulness

- finding harmony with strength and power

- the essential role of fear and anger

Emmanuel will be leading a unique 2-day exploration of deep Systema principles here in Durham, North Caorlina on January 26 & 27th, 2019. Advance discount pricing available for those that sign up early. Visit www.ncsystema.com/events for details and online registration.

Find out more about training with Manny - and read his online articles and musings - at http://www.fight-club.ca/

SFL Episode 45: On Mastery

Another extended chat between Glenn Murphy and health and wellness guru Howard Jacobson (WellStartHealth.com) - this time, on the subject of striving for mastery.


- is mastery something worth pursuing?
- what does mastery entail, and what does it look like?
- what is the most practical and efficient path to mastery?
- Vladimir’s 10 Guidelines for mastering Systema (you may not have heard these before)

Many thanks to Howie for his regular contributions, and to Adrienne Harvey for her pro-grade editing and production.

Check out Howie's healthy exploits at www.wellstarthealth.com and www.plantyourself.com

SFL Episode 44: Tommy Floyd

"What is real life? My understanding of 'real life' is that it's the degree of tension you have within your body...What will change in a real situation if a guy grabbed (that kid) and threw him in a trunk? It's that his mind, his body, his internal state are going to be on a whole different level of processing."

Eye-opening interview with Tommy Floyd, owner and Chief Instructor at Systema Floyd, based in Palm Beach, Florida.

For more than a decade, Tommy has been teaching Systema to kids as young as 2 years old, and now has over 300 students attending regular classes and camps at his schools. He has recently garnered a lot of attention on social media, following coverage of his advanced level camps for kids - which included such hot-button topics as abduction escape and active-shooter survival

Here, we talk about what motivates his focus on teaching kids; how he strikes the necessary balance between "serious" and "exciting"; how working with kids has taught him much about the concept of training for 'real-life'; and his plans and ambitions for the future.

Visit Systema Floyd online at www.systemafloyd.com.