Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 38: On Habits

"The definition of habit is something that has worked in the a fixed situation. Whereas real freedom means that you're in the moment."

Glenn Murphy joins health and wellness guru Howard Jacobson as they explore the benefits and pitfalls of habits and routines.

Here, we cover:

    triggers, rewards, and habit loops
    the futility of "fighting" habits
    the connection between discipline and freedom
    why all habits are - in some sense - bad

Mentioned in this episode:

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

Triggers, by Marhsall Goldsmith

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Systema For Life Podcast - Episode 37: Josafath Herrera

What is scary to you?  You are affected by your fear of pain, or your fear of the situation...So when you say 'violence', I say 'no - you have fear of the emotional state of the other guy'."

Empassioned and uncompromising conversation with Josafath Herrera - veteran Systema Instructor, trainer to elite military and police teams, and founder of Systema Mexico.

Here, we discuss the concept of congruence in a martial art; the body-mind feedback loop; attitudes toward violence; the fallacy of "pressure testing" with protective equipment; the critical importance of finding the right instructor; and the (questionable) value of experience.

A lengthy discussion, but one rich with hard-earned truths. I hope you'll agree.

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