SFL Episode 73: Scott Meredith

This week, a spirited conversation with author, technologist, Tai Chi Instrcutor, and Systema devotee Scott Meredith.  Scott is the co-author and editor of Vladimir Vasiliev's phenomenal trilogy of Systema books - Let Every Breath, Strikes: Soul Meets Body, and Edge. As such, he has enjoyed the rare privilege of many hours, days, and weeks in the company of mastery, and has much to say about just how unique Systema is as a martial training methodology.

Here, we discuss:

- How he found his way to Systema, and helped to spread the word worldwide
- How he views the books, and the process by which he wrote them with the Vasilievs
- His sense of awe and admiration in working with Vladimir
- How he juggles a high-tech job and life with personal practice

Purchase the superb new book, Edge online (along with Strikes, and Let Every Breath) at https://systemavasiliev.com/store/product-category/books-publications/

View Scott's catalog of (non-Systema) martial arts books on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=scott+meredith+books

SFL Episode 72: On Play

This week, more musings on life, work, and Systema with our resident health and wellness guru Howard Jacobson. Inspired by our recent seminar (and podcast) with Emmanuel Manolakakis, Howie and I discuss the value, the benefits, and the necessity of play in all aspects of our lives. Inclduing:

- what consitutes play (versus pure work or performance)

- why play is critical for kids

- why play is arguably even more important for adults

- how to approach your life and training with a more playful mindset

Mentioned in this episode:
Finite and Infinite Games - A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility, by James P. Carse

Find out more about Howard's healthy exploits, or transform your own health habits, at www.wellstarthealth.com

SFL Episode 71: Emmanuel Manolakakis on the Training Process

This week, a special episode with Fight Club Toronto founder, and regular SFL contributor, Emmanuel Manolakakis - recorded at the close of his recent 2-day seminar here in Durham, NC. This was a game-changing seminar in which we explored the very process of training itself, and looked at ways to optimize development, training time, and results. Here, we discuss the seminar and associated themes, including:

the paramount importance of working on yourself, prior to group training

the necessity of play, trust, and rapport in partner training

how training correctly means making room for intuition and "body knowledge"

the natural progression from play to control and pre-emptive influence in combat

Find out more about training Fight Club Toronto at http://www.fight-club.ca/