SFL Episode 55: David Merrill

In-depth conversation with David Merrill - veteran Systema practitioner, and the first American to be granted an Instructor qualification by Systema HQ Moscow. Here, we discuss Dave's early experiences in Systema, and how his concept of the style has changed over many years of training and teaching. Along the way, we also cover:

  • his (critical) motivation for learning Systema knife defense

  • his first training trip to Siberia and Moscow

  • his tough intitiation with Mikhail Ryabko

  • returning to form, and the tension-free state

  • the value of changing the way you think

    See a clip of David in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2faL58tSGj0

SFL Episode 54: Misha Karlov

Interview with Systema Instructor Misha Karlov of Tidewater Systema, Virginia.

Misha is an emergency / disaster response professional, a father of 9 (!), and a deeply thoughtful disciple of Systema. In the line of duty, Misha has dealt with dangerous fires, natural disasters, and the aftermath of terrorism. He was on federal response teams at the Pentagon crash site on 9/11, and in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. As such, his views on the psychological / emotional uses of Systema are based firmly in reality.

Here, we discuss:

  • His experiences training in Moscow and the USA

  • How Systema has permeated his life and work

  • Internal control in chaotic situations

  • Using Systema to calm shocked, panicked, and terrified people

  • Systema in family relationships

    Find out more about training with Misha at https://www.facebook.com/TidewaterSystema/

SFL Episode 53: On Control

“People have an assumption about what would happen if they don’t impose guilt and shame upon themselves.”

This week, another engaging discussion between Glenn Murphy and your friendly, neighborhood, health-and-wellness sage Howard Jacobson. This time on the subject of motivation, agency, and control. Along the way, we touch upon:

  • why humans repeatedly make bad choices

  • difficulties in decision-making under threat

  • finding our psychological blind spots

  • the fictions we tell ourselves

  • how practice builds control

Find our more about Howard's most recent healthy venture at www.wellstarthealth.com