SFL Episode 62: Joe Gehr

This week, a lively discussion with security professional, IDF intelligence officer, and instructor at Systema Miami, Joe Gehr.
Born in Columbia, raised in Aruba, and later a resident of Israel and the United States. Joe has a fascinating background, and trained widely in Filipino, Japanese, and Israeli martial arts before beginning Systema in 2005. Today, he teaches Systema applications to special operatives, SWAT teams and VIP protection units - in the USA and abroad.

Here we touch upon:

  • Systema as the ultimate art of awareness

  • the difference between military and civilian martial arts

  • the place for strategy and tactics

  • the necessity of preparation and personal responsibility

Find out more about training with Joe at www.SystemaMiami.com and www.ProactiveAndPrepared.com

SFL Episode 61: Jeff Sodeman

Conversation with my good friend - and fellow Instructor at NC SYSTEMA - Jeff Sodeman.
A highly accomplished martial artist in his own right, Jeff has trained Aikido and Systema for over 25 years, founded the San Diego Systema and Aikikai (California), and ran it for over a decade before moving to North Carolina in 2015.

Here, we get into:

  • how Jeff came to martial arts...via rock climbing

  • parallels between climbing, combat, and conditioning

  • exhaustion, efficiency, and psychological endurance

  • differences and similarities between Aikido and Systema

  Jeff now teaches regular group and conditioning classes at NC SYSTEMA.  Find out more at www.ncsystema.com.

SLF Episode 60: On Habits (Part II)

Another spirited conversation with health and wellness guru Howard Jacobson (WellStartHealth.com) on the subject of habits and positive behaviour change - a continuing theme we are both fond of, in our respective fields. Here, the discussion ranges through:

  • how your environment influences - even dictates - your mindset

  • how small, targeted, habit interventions can have powerful, lasting effects

  • setting the scene for focus and 'deep work'

  • why relaxing isn't as easy as it sounds

  • how Systema training highlights our bad habits, and show us the folly of trying to 'out-think' them

Find out more about Howie's healthy habit-change exploits at www.wellstarthealth.com