Stick Work: Starting Simple

We're back into weapon work again at NC SYSTEMA in Durham, NC and enjoying a variety of themes over two weeks - including defense against sticks, chains, and firearms. Even had a bit of stick-on-blade action at the Friday night class, which pleased the Filipino Martial Art adepts within the group. It's always fun to explore subtle movements with weapons - to see how they limit the wielder in specific ways, and how you can find the unique leverage points - both physical and psychological - that each type of weapon produces.

That said, it's important to understand - and to practice - the basics. For example, when faced with the range advantage of a stick, finding the proper distance and timing are critical. This clip explores a couple of tactics for doing this. Namely: 1) drifting beyond range to find safety, and 2) moving inside range to find power. Enjoy.

SFL Episode 82: Mike Turk

This week, a spirited discussion with Mike Turk - Systema Instructor, Head of Training, and Co-Founder of the Kampfkunst Akademie (KKA) located in Krems, Austria. Mike has a varied background in martial arts, ranging from karate and kickboxing to Systema, BJJ, and military close combat.  He leads regular classes in both Systema and Crossfighting (mixed martial arts), and oversees a kids' program based on Systema principles. Here, we talk about:

  • his journey into martial arts

  • what defines and distinguishes Systema as a martial art

  • breaking free of dogma and restrictive ideas

  • explaining and marketing Systema to kids and parents

Find out more about training with Mike at

For the first time in Europe, the KKA is hosting Systema Instructor Menamy Mitanes (The Academy, Beverly Hills) Nov 30 & Dec 01. Tcikets limited to 30 persons. Sign up via their website of Facebook page ( after May 31.