Video: Systema Massage by Glenn Murphy, Chief Instructor at NC Systema

Massage and physical body-tempering are essential elements of Systema training, and part of what makes it such an effective - and sustainable - style of martial art.

There are many ways to train for fighting, and for practical self-defense. But a good number of them will leave you physically or psychologically damaged within a decade or so, in effect *decreasing* your readiness and effectiveness in the long term.

Sure, 20 and 30-somethings may get away with it for a while. But for most martial artists, joint pain, muscle strains, and progressive immobility are the norm. In short, it's not really self-defense if you kick your own arse first.

Not so with Systema - where we dedicate at least as much time to preparing and repairing our bodies as we do studying how to disassemble those of our opponents. Here, we walk through a basic massage pattern you'll see at the end of most Systema classes - here, and across the globe.

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Video: Systema and Edged Weapon Confrontations by Glenn Murphy, Chief Instructor at NC Systema

This week, we return to the study of edged weapons, and the physical and psychological limitations they present.

As discussed here, ALL interactions involving knives are potentially lethal confrontations. So we need to be realistic about the stakes, and escape if we possibly can.

On the other hand, if you're *not* able to escape - say, you're stuck defending a child or family member - it helps to have an understanding of how over-dependence on a weapon might limit your attacker.

Only then do you have a decent chance of surviving and prevailing in the moment.

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